What is it? Providing adequate support while interacting with task objects without momentary propping in order to make objects more secure/stable during tasks (AOTA, 2014, p. S25).

Why is it important? Stabilization is a skill necessary for occupations throughout the lifetime such as: 

  • Dressing (grasping clothing while fastening zippers, buttons, snaps, etc.) 
  • Feeding (holding bowl/plate while mixing or scooping food; stabilizing food while cutting it) 
  • Grooming (holding toothpaste bottle while opening lid) 
  • Academic performance (stabilizing paper while writing or cutting) 
  • Driving (holding buckle while fastening seatbelt) 
  • Home management (holding dustpan while sweeping) 
  • Meal preparation (stabilizing foods while cutting them) 
  • Job performance 
  • Play and leisure activities 

5 activities to try at home:

  Dr Laura Mraz and Stabilization

1. Building towers with blocks.  Tip: See how high the tower can be built before falling!

  Dr Laura Mraz and Stabilization

2. Cutting craft.  Tip: Choose a craft of interest for your child!

  Dr Laura Mraz and Stabilization

3. Stirring and creating slime in a bowl.  Tip: Mix 1 cup water and 1 cup school glue together; Mix 1 cup warm water with 1 tsp Borax and let dissolve; Add water/Borax to water/glue mixture. Stir well!

  Dr Laura Mraz and Stabilization

4. Cutting pretend play-doh food.  Tip: Make sure your child is stabilizing the play-doh food with a non-dominant hand while they cut with the dominant hand.

  Dr Laura Mraz and Stabilization

5. Drawing picture/ writing name/ applying stickers to craft.  Tip: Stabilize paper with a non-dominant hand while drawing or writing on it. 

References  American Occupational Therapy Association. (2014). Occupational therapy practice framework: Domain and process (3rd ed.). American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 68(Suppl. 1), S1-S48.

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