I discovered the field of Occupational Therapy when teaching English in China in 2003. While a preschool teacher in Shanghai, I was fortunate to work with a young child with autism and his occupational therapist. The experience changed my life and after returning back to US, I was determined to become a successful occupational therapist and make an impact on young children’s lives. 

In 2007, I established Eyas Landing where I first provided developmental therapy services for children in Early Intervention. Families wanted their children to receive all the therapies available to best support their children, but were struggling to commute between clinics and coordinate care between providers. The community needed a multidisciplinary therapy clinic with coordinated and collaborative care, so I built it! Eyas Landing is an outpatient clinic that provides a wide range of therapy services in the clinic, home, school, daycare and virtually. My companies have grown organically to meet the needs of our community and will continue to grow our programs to best support our clients and their families. While working with families across these settings, my colleagues and I noticed a need within our community for a comprehensive, multidisciplinary preschool program and established Blue Bird Day in 2014. Merlin Day Academy originated as a place for Blue Bird Day graduates that needed a more supportive environment and has grown significantly as it offers a unique alternative to traditional school environments. Providing our clients with innovative, evidence-based, and client centered care has always and will continue to drive us.    

A Unique Approach to Pediatric Therapy 

Providing our clients with innovative, evidence-based, and client centered care has always and will continue to drive me and my team at Eyas Landing, Blue Bird Day, and Merlin Day Academy. We’re confident in the high level of care we provide to our clients and families. Our innovative, proprietary services include:  

  • Wide Variety of Therapies Under One Roof 
  • Concierge Administrative Team 
  • Comprehensive Insurance Verification & Claim Management 
  • Mobile App with Updates for Caregivers Throughout the Day 
  • Highly Trained, Compassionate Therapists 
  • Staff Mentorship, Professional Development and Continuing Education 
  • Evidence-Based Practice Leveraging Best Practices from Multiple Therapy Disciplines 
  • Data Collection to Inform Therapy Progress 
  • Proprietary Intensive Therapeutic Rotation Models 
  • Our Commitment to Continual Growth, Learning, and Improvement 

 Our individualized approach to therapeutic intervention and our data-informed treatment planning help us support each child and their family’s unique goals. We provide support for a variety of conditions, including: