Dr Laura Mraz and Sequenciing


Performing steps in an effective or logical order with an absence of (1) randomness or lack of logic in the ordering and (2) inappropriate repetition of steps (AOTA, 2014, p. S25).

Dr Laura Mraz and social reciprocity

Social Reciprocity

Social reciprocity is necessary for forming and sustaining meaningful relationships.

Dr Laura Mraz and Stabilization


Providing adequate support while interacting with task objects without momentary propping in order to make objects more secure/stable during tasks.

Dr Laura Mraz and Steoregnosis


Stereognosis is “important for overall hand function and developing grasp patterns, as well as dexterity and ability to use materials.”

Task Initiation and Dr Laura Mraz

Task Initiation

Task initiation is a skill necessary to function in all areas of life; it is needed for everything from small tasks to bigger tasks.

Transitions and Dr Laura Mraz

Transition Tolerance

Transitioning, or changing from one activity or setting to another, occurs many times throughout the day.

Hand Eye Coordination - Dr Laura Mraz

Visual Motor Integration Eye-Hand Coordination

Eye-hand coordination is a skill necessary for occupations throughout life.